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Best Joke of 2017

This joke had me and my bros in stitches. [Have a better joke? Tell it in the comments below.] Me: Made passionate love with a young, beautiful supermodel last summer. She was tied up naked down by the beach. She let me have my way with her until morning.   Friends: Did you get any […]

Top Tall Pays Big For Trivago Actor

Ever wonder why the Trivago dude is so popular? His good looks, great attitude, or pleasant smile? Your eyes, without knowing it, are drawn to the actors top tallness. While top tall exists in only about 1% of the population, these people make up 31% of the nation’s wealth. Why is Trivago the top hotel site […]

Top 5 Douche Bag Hobbies

Douche bags are just like the rest of us in many ways, and after all, we are all a little douchey. According to a recent study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine, douche bags are most likely to pass the time doing the following. 5. Radio Controlled vehicles (Cars, Airplanes, Drones) 4. Crochet. […]