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Top Douche Bag Veterans

Let’s celebrate the memory of our brave soldiers by pointing out the biggest douche bags to ever protect the United States from invaders, both foreign and domestic. 15. General George Custer, US Army 14. Son of Sam killer David Berkowitz, US Army 13. Elvis Presley, US Army 12. Rock Hudson, US Navy 11. 700 Club […]

Top 10 Douche Bag Black Dudes

Every one knows that black guys are inherently cool, but some times there are exceptions. Even black dudes can be douche bags. Below is our top 10 list of black dude douche bags. 10. Ben Carson 9. Shaquille O’Neil 8. Rachel Maddow 7.  OJ Simpson 6. Bill Cosby 5. Al Sharpton 4. Mister T 3. […]

Top 5 Douche Bag NFL Franchises

Football, American football, the National Football League (NFL) tends to attract more douche bags than the international equivalent; futbol, football or commonly referred by us stupid Americans as soccer. What franchises attract the largest amount of douche bag fans, players, owners and coaches? 5. Detroit Lions 4. Miami Dolphins 3. Philadephia Eagles 2. New England […]