Top Douche Bag Veterans

Let’s celebrate the memory of our brave soldiers by pointing out the biggest douche bags to ever protect the United States from invaders, both foreign and domestic.

15. General George Custer, US Army

14. Son of Sam killer David Berkowitz, US Army

13. Elvis Presley, US Army

12. Rock Hudson, US Navy

11. 700 Club Founder Pat Roberston – spent the Korean War as a waiter in the Officer’s Club in Japan

10. Telly Savalas, US Army

9. Don Rumsfeld, US Navy

8. George W Bush, Texas Air National Guard

7. Ralph Nader, US Army

6. Bea Arthur, USMC

5. Bill Cosby, US Navy – hospital corpsman

4. Pat Sajak, US Army

3. Jeffrey Dahmer, US Army

2. Timothy McVeigh, US Army

1. DC Sniper John Allen Muhammad, US Army

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