Budweiser and Franzia will donate alcohol until Flint aqueduct completion

The Flint water crisis is a tragedy forcing nearly 100,000 residents to abandon their current plumbing system completely. Throughout history, and until just a few generations back, society drank alcohol, mainly wine and beer as substitutes for much more dangerous, unfiltered water. Flint residents are ready to return to their instinctive nature to drink.

Wanda Jackson a 50 year life resident of Flint has survived on Franzia wine through this ordeal. “Don’t send no more water, send me boxes of wine.”

Most residents of Flint were not as lucky as Mrs Jackson, and had not sustained on filtered wine before the city poisoning was ordered. Many actually drank the water.

Michigan governor Rick Snyder, the man blamed for the tragedy now has a solution. “Trust me it will work.” the Governor remarked.

In the meantime, real American heroes have stepped up to offer their help. Budweiser will donate 1,000,000 cases of beer and Franzia has pledged 1,000,000 boxes of assorted flavored wines to effected Flint, Michigan residents.

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