Largest douche bag of the 1980’s

For any one that has pondered the lengthy list of 1980’s pop-culture douche bags, who is the biggest?

Music, movies, sports, even the Olympics had an un-proportionate share of douche to non-douche during these very short 10 years. The behavior was even encouraged. For me the pick is simple, the biggest douche bag of the 1980’s has got to be Prince.

Do not get me wrong, his music rocks, but everything else about him during the 1980’s does not.

When the film Purple Rain was released I was no more than 8 years old and thought “what the fuck is this?” Even now when I watch the movie on VH1, it’s impossible to fully comprehend what it is that I just watched. The leading lady cannot get enough of his ego, prissy attitude and puffy shirts, and should be attractive to me. If presented on her own, most men would never kick her out of bed. However, after watching her ride on top of Prince’s Honda Silverwing, she is useless to me, both in fantasy and reality.

No one should find it odd that the decades top douche bag re-named himself Prince.

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