Douche Bags Stand With Baltimore

As self centered douche bags, the Douche Review rarely cares for social issues that do not effect us personally, however the riots in Baltimore and across the US are a reflection of America’s past. Maybe these rioters would kill some one but have the same restraint our forefathers, and all of us have. These oppressed and angry young men destroy property, not lives. I prefer to punch the wall than my wife.

What has peaceful protest ever accomplished? These colors don’t run, they don’t march, they fight. As a Navy Vet and the son of an Air Force Chief Master Sergeant I was trained to kill.

The US was attacked once by the Japs in WW2. We went to war. No negotiations. No protest or boycott of Japanese goods. We looted and enslaved Japanese-Americans and dropped nukes in Japan. Japan has not attacked us since.

For African Americans, peaceful protest after protest equals more death, no reform, no real change. The general public has already lost faith in a broken system that fails to prosecute cops who abuse the public trust. Whites should be up in arms, but we do not die at the same rate. No where even close to black men.

If forfeiture laws are aimed at keeping the public in line by limiting criminals finances, then looting accomplishes the same thing by taking aim at the governments resources. It is our responsibility to reshape a racist and stressful law enforcement culture that needs its assets forfeited, unions busted and world rocked, drastically.

If cops and young black men are going to continue their working business relationship, maybe they need to restructure how they will work together in the future.

As General William Tecumseh Sherman said, “Simply put, looting works to create change.”

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