Wedding Proposal at Friend’s Wedding

A wedding has the ability to bring out the best in all of us, especially a wedding with an open bar. After you stroll off the dance floor, shaking your groove thang to “Celebrate Good Times, Come on!” you grab your 17th bottle of Corruna Light without offering a tip to your server, and the idea comes to you. Now would be an excellent time to propose.

What better time than now and in front of the bride and groom and their friends and family. Why just waste this precious moment?

This is exactly what Tim Robinson, a carpet installer from Midland, MI thought as he proposed to his long-time girlfriend and baby’s momma, Sherrie, at her cousins wedding last month. Sherrie said yes as the audience tapped silverware against wine glasses. The DJ announced the engagement over the loud speaker as the couple took the dance floor while Extreme’s romantic single, “More Than Words” played for a jubilated room of wedding-goers.

Proposing at a wedding is not only a great idea but growing in popularity. Open bars may be to blame for this new fad. “Open liquor and beer bars can create a more open and loving environment than say, just a keg at your wedding” stated wedding planner, Kim Hariss.

“My husband proposed last year at a client’s wedding, and they also had an open liquor bar” added Harris.

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