Kid Rock Panders To Racist Fans

The only thing worse than Kid Rock’s music these days are his thoughts on the Confederacy. True to Mr Rock’s family history, Kid supports everything and anything White Trash. The Confederate flag is no exception.

While the musician sings about his love for America and American soldiers he has literally spit on the graves of dead Union soldiers and African-Americans past and present. Both groups do not listen to or purchase Kid Rock music, nor do they attend his concerts, and not just because of his racist attitude.

As the title stated, “Kid Rock panders to dumb ass hillbillies”. These uneducated, Mountain Dew drinking, non-book-learning peeps love disparaging minorities and listening to shitty music.

Mr Rock supports the Confederacy by proudly waving the rebel flag. Odd, for a northerner that claims to love America.

What does Kid Rock’s black drummer, Stefanie Eulinberg think about her front mans views on slavery? Will she wear a Confederate flag proudly during the band’s next performance or shitty music video? I’d watch them, on Youtube.

Mr Rock, you make douche bags every where look a little bit better. And for that, the Douche Review salutes you.

Kid, you are simply a child.

Kid Rock – His Latest Hit from Dan Stockwell on Vimeo.

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