McDonalds Hamburglar is actually a recruiter; company plans low-wage hiring at US prisons

The marketing rebirth of the McDonald’s Hamburglar during the Mayweather – Pacquiao fight has raised suspicion about the company’s real strategy.

Recent reports have confirmed that the new human Hamburglar is actually William Kemp, a corporate recruiter for the McDonalds Corporation. His marketing gimmick will be followed up by a prison tour throughout the United States in an effort to hire inmates as they are released. Job fairs at prisons are big business. The United States houses 25% of all prisoners worldwide and only has less than 5% the world’s total population.

Steve Jenkins with 4GL Recruiters said, “There are more prisoners behind bars than full time college students in America. This creates a great captive audience for low-wage job recruiters.[/blockquote]

“In addition to the tremendous opportunity to meet new talent”, Mr Kemp added, “These felons really never complain about minimum wage. Most of them made like 50 cents an hour while in the slammer.”

With pressure mounting nationwide for higher wages and from a very talented workforce, the McDonalds Corporation is forced to find cheaper, exploited labor like felons. The company’s lobby efforts have ensured minimum mandatory sentencing guidelines and helped to continue the war on drugs. An effort that has created more felons per capita in the United States, more than any where else in the world, and helped to keep costs low and profits high for McDonald’s shareholders.

McDonald’s corporate bottom line, “I’m Loving It.”

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