TOP 10 Douche Bag 1st Date Locations

Douchebags can be the most loving and gentle creatures on this planet, the love they have for themselves proves the point.

Have you ever been to the following places on a first date? You were most likely on a date with a douche bag.

10. Prison / Jail

9. AppleBee’s

8. The Mall

7. Hotel or Motel

6. Red Lobster

5. Convenience Store (7-11)

4. A Wedding

3. Bro’s House to watch the game

2. Any Drive Thru Restaurant (ie. McDonalds, Taco Bell)

1. Parent’s House

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  1. Brandyyy
    Brandyyy says:

    Went to the mall and ate at fast food then got beer at the store and then back to his house which is also his parents. I married that douchebag.


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