Top 5 Reality TV Douche Bags

With such a wide selection of tv reality stars, the Douche Review staff tried to review every single reality douche bag. It took a minute. These people exploit their pathetic lives for our entertainment and, in exchange, they are compensated handsomely with ego.

5. Mama June

Leaving your children alone in front of an oncoming train named diabetes is one thing, but Mama June left her children unattended with a sexual predator. Being a douche bag can sometimes be criminal.

4. Lebanon Levi

The Amish practice one thing through their religion — do not act like a douche bag. Pictures, personalized license plates and tribal tattoos are not permitted by their Amish God. Lebanon Levi violated these sacred tenants and was banished for being a douche bag by the high Amish Priests. The Amish may not care for Levis antics but we love that douche bag from Lebanon, PA.

3. Donald Trump

How could we leave Mr Trump off of any list that attempts to rank douche bags. The Apprentice has remained a top reality show since its very first season. One thing the American public has never said to Donald Trump, “You’re fired”.

2. Real World Season 1 Cast

Would we have all tuned in so attentively to the Real World on MTV back in the 90’s if we knew the pandoras box that the show would unleash. The Real World truly is our new reality.

1. Kim Kardashian

The most beloved of all the reality stars, and the highest paid. If income does not provide evidence of her status as the #1 douche bag reality tv star, her choice of husband, Kanye West, should secure her place in the Douche Bag Television Hall of Fame.

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