Washington Redskins start hashtag #RedLivesMatter

The NFL franchise, Washington Redskins, may have acted disparagingly to Native Americans in the past but team owner, Daniel Snyder has started a hashtag on Twitter, #RedLivesMatter to reverse that notion.

Some claim that the teams name, Redskins could be insulting to Native Americans. Those claims may now be put to rest after the teams sincere attempt to right a terrible wrong. “Hashtags have worked successfully to reverse discrimination against black people” stated Snyder.

Chief Jack White Smoke commented on the trending hash tag, “hashtags are the modern day peace pipe”.

Noted civil rights activist Jesse Jackson points to the tag #BlackLivesMatter as the only thing to turn the tide against racism. Before the hashtag began its 54 month trending status, most in the Twitter-verse considered black lives to not matter at all.

Hopefully the NFL franchise will continue to keep the hashtag alive and not be indian givers.

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